A city's population grows by about 1% each year. If the city's population is 63,000 peoplenow, what will the population be in 4 years?[Hint: use y = a (1 + r)]What is a?What is r?What is t?O years63,000 people1 yearpeople2 yearspeople3 yearspeople4 yearspeople

Accepted Solution

Answer:a - city's population at year 0r - rate of population increase t - number of yearsIn four years, the population will be 65,558Step-by-step explanation:y = a(1+r)^tfor year 1y = 63,000(1+0.01)^1y = 63,630for year 2y = 63,000(1+0.01)^2y = 64,266for year 3y = 63,000(1+0.01)^3y = 64,909for year 4y = 63,000(1+0.01)^4y = 65,558