Anouk has 4.75 pounds of meat. She uses a quarter pound of meat to make one hamburger.a. How many hamburgers can Anouk make with the meat she has?b. Sometimes Anouk makes sliders. Each slider is half as much meat as is used for a regular hamburger. How many sliders could Anouk make with the 4.75 pounds?

Accepted Solution

Answer:Ans. a. Anouk make with the meat she has 19 hamburgers; b. Anouk can make 38 slices with 4.75 pounds of meat.Step-by-step explanation:Hi, well, all we have to do is divide the amount of meat by the weight of 1 burger to find how many burgers can she make with 4.75. I think the easiest way to do it is by turning the fractions into decimals, so 1/4 of a pound equals 0.25 pounds. Let´s see how to solve that.[tex]QuantHamburgers=4.75pounds*\frac{1Hamburger}{0.25pounds} =19Hamburgers[/tex]The same goes for the sliders, what we know is that we need half as much meat as used for a hamburger, therefore, the weight of a slider is 0.25/2=0.125 pounds, and we do just what we did with the hamburger.[tex]QuantSlider=4.75pounds*\frac{1Slider}{0.125pounds} =38Sliders[/tex]Or you could say that with the meat needed for 1 hamburger, you could make 2 silders, so the quantity of sliders that Anouk can make with enough meat to make 19 hamburgers is.[tex]QuantSliders=19Hamburgers*\frac{2Sliders}{1Hamburger} =38Sliders[/tex]Best of luck.