Marty buys 12 ounces of granola.a. What fraction of a pound of granola did Marty buy?b. If a whole pound of granola costs $4, how much did Marty pay?

Accepted Solution

Answer:a. 3/4 Pounds Β b. $ 3 he paidStep-by-step explanation:Topic: Rule of Three and Convertion FactorsYou have to remember the concept of rule of three and know what is teh convertion factor for ounces to pounds.The convertion factor is[tex]1 Ounce = 0.0625 Pounds[/tex]Then you use the converstion factor to transform ounces to pounds using a rule of three, like this:[tex]1 Ounce = 0.0625 Pounds \\12 Ounces = x Pounds[/tex]Remember how to find x?[tex]x = 12 Ounces * \frac{0.0625 Pouns}{1 Ounce} = 0.75 Pounds [/tex]So you have that in pounds Marty 0.75 Pounds of GranolaRemember how to transform decimals to fractions?you can multiply by a hundred and divide by hundred having that:[tex]0.75 * \frac{100}{100} = \frac{75}{100}[/tex]by simplifying you hace that the fraction of pounds Marty Bought is 3/4a. Marty bought 3/4 pounds of granolab. if a whole pound costs $ 4 you can use another rule of three like this[tex]$ 4 = 1 Pound\\$ x = 0.75[/tex]Solve again for x and you have that[tex]$ x = 0.75 Pounds * \frac{\$ 4}{1 Pound}[/tex]so you have that Marty paid $ 3 for 3/4 pounds he bought