Mrs. Williams uses the following recipe for crispy rice treats. She decides to make 2/3 of the recipe.2 cups melted butter24 oz marshmallows13 cups rice crispy cereala. How much of each ingredient will she need? Write an expression that includes multiplication. Solve by multiplying.b. How many fluid ounces of butter will she use? (Use your measurement conversion chart, if you wish.)c. When the crispy rice treats have cooled, Mrs. Williams cuts them into 30 equal pieces. She gives two-fifths of the treats to her son and takes the rest to school. How many treats will Mrs. Williams take to school? Use any method to solve.

Accepted Solution

Answer:A) She will need 1,333 cups of melted butter, 16 oz of marshmallows and 8,7 cups of rice cris cereal.B) She will use 7,03665 oz of melted butter.C) Mrs. Williams is taking to the school 18 treats.Step-by-step explanation: The exercise says that Mrs. Williams is going to prepeare the 2/3 of the crispy rice recipe. So according to the recipe she is going to need 2 cups of melted butter, but she only need the 2/3 parts of these so doing the maths, we can solve this using multiplication, first multiplied 2*2=4, and the denomintor is 3 so is going to be equal to multiplied 4 by 3^(-1) ⇒ 4* 3^(-1)≅ 1,333. So she is going to need 1,333 cups of melted butter. Follow the same procedure to the other ingredients she s going to need 16 oz of marshmallows, and 8,7 cups of rice crispy cereal.  B) For the b section of the exercise, we can said that 1 cup of butter contains 225 grams approximately, using the conversion chart: 1 gram = 0,035274 oz. So doing the converstion 225 grams of melted butter its equal to 7,93665 oz of melted butter. Thats is the amouont of fluid butter that Mrs. Williams is ging to need. C) In section c Mrs. Williams cut the crisy rice in 30 pieces, and gave 2/5 parts of the to her son. We can express that like this 30* 2/5 parts = 12 pieces, so she gave 12 pices to her son. In conclusion doing the rest 30 - 12= 18 pices, Mrs. Williams is going to take 18 treats to the school.